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Training Course 101

The Basics of Teaching Real Estate to Adults

Thank you for choosing a course by Carmel Streater, Ph.D, DREI, CDEI.

If you enrolled in this course chances are that you are either already a real estate instructor or you think you might want to be.

This course was developed for instructors who either aspire to writing their own courses for live presentation or anyone who wants to increase skills in evaluating courses written by others that they are considering using.

The video below was developed by Alan Caddell and Associates and is used here with Mr. Caddell’s permission.  It gives a visual interpretation to many of the concepts included in this course, and it does so in slightly more than 2 minutes!

I hope you will find the course interesting and a bit challenging.

I encourage feedback to improve the course. You may reach me for feedback and/or assistance with the course at

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