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Training 101: Teaching Real Estate

$50 Education, Training 101 | 14 Lessons

An introductory course for instructors or instructor candidates who have extensive subject matter knowledge but little or no knowledge of instructional methods. If you ever wondered how some instructors can obviously know so much about subject matter yet be unable to teach it to others while others seem to effortlessly beam knowledge into students’ heads, you will find this course enlightening.

Training 201: Developing a Course

$50 Education, Training 201 | 42 Lessons

Training 201 is a basic survey of the information needed to develop effective continuing education courses for real estate professionals.

2018 Real Estate Educators Association Best Online Course

Training 301: Teaching and Learning Disabilities

$50 Education, Training 301 | 24 Lessons

Learning disabilities are individual discrepancies between general intelligence and performance of specific learning tasks. Individuals with learning disabilities are found at all levels of intelligence from the highest to the lowest. They simply are wired differently from the majority of the population and require some assistance if they are to learn. Training 301 is a course designed to help instructors reach out to students who have learning disabilities.

Training 401: Motivating Adult Learners

$50 Education, Training 401 | 17 Lessons

Motivation is the key to transmitting knowledge and skills from an instructor to a student. Without motivation to learn, students are merely occupying classroom space for the required number of hours. If they have to be there, and you have to be there, isn’t it the highest and best use of the time to actually teach them something? Yet, the benchmark method used in real estate classrooms every day is: tell them what the state thinks they need to know; issue a certificate of attendance; send them on their way and hope some of them will be able to pull the rabbit from the hat when the knowledge is needed to solve a real-world problem.



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