Iowa – Training 301 Teaching Adults and Learning Disabilities



Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities

TEACHING is the act of making knowledge accessible to others.

A teacher is an individual who is willing to place communication of knowledge to others before the personal need to appear smarter than the students.

Unfortunately, most teachers begin their careers deeply in fear of being found inadequate by their supervisors and/or students. This fear often manifests itself in instructors as an attempt at superiority over students. We tend to compensate for this fear by attempting to show how much we know.

Fortunately, most of us eventually realize our supervisors are grateful for our efforts.

Our students tend to simply add our poor performance to a long list of time wasted in the classroom.

When teachers mature to the point that they realize for teaching to occur there must also be learning, they are ready to take on the task of making knowledge accessible to others.

“For Teaching To Occur, There Must Be Learning.”  Carmel Streater


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